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Wise Undelete Software supports all major hard drive and flash drive file systems used in Windows. Logical "Folders" and "File Types" views of deleted files makes finding the one you're looking for super easy. Wise Undelete Software works on hard drives, floppy disks, flash drives, and memory cards.

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Wise Undelete Software is one of the best undelete software programs out there. See, a file recovery program can only restore a file if the exact space on the hard drive (or flash drive, etc.) that it occupied hasn't already been overwritten by new information. Each time you install a program or save a file, you run the risk of overwriting that space, making the file impossible to recover. Advanced filter allows narrowing of found files based on name, size, date, and level of corruption.

Wise Undelete Software is installable in any Windows version you happen to have. I especially love the simple Folders and File Types views available in Wise Undelete Software which make finding the file you'd like to recover/undelete much easier than in some other programs that just include all found files in a giant list. Once Wise Undelete Software's search is complete, use the Folders or File Types views on the left to narrow down the list of deleted files (which could be in the tens of thousands or more) to something more manageable, based on what you know about the file that you want to recover. You can use the Filter button to narrow down the list in a more specific way if you like.

As a powerful partition recovery software, recovering various kinds of lost and deleted partition, Wise Undelete Software is capable of recovering lost and deleted partition induced by MBR, BPB, partition table damage, improper operation, accidental deletion, virus attack and system crash, etc. Additionally, Wise Undelete Software is compatible with multiple operating systems, not only common Windows XP but also 32 or 64 bit editions of Windows 8, Windows 2000 professional, Windows XP, Windows7, Vista, etc.


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* Wise Undelete Software will recover all type of data from your disk.