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Wise Recover Disk Partition is non-destructive data recovery software that recovers Partition, photos, deleted files, damaged or missing volumes, formatted disks and even iPods. Wise Recover Disk Partition is colorful, simple user interface has large buttons for its modules. It has twenty four hours technique support. Wise Recover Disk Partition quickly scanned the drive and displayed the results in a neat tree view.

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Wise Recover Disk Partition recovers the entire content of your broken RAID within minutes. You will be able to copy the files and folders over to another disk. Wise Recover Disk Partition works for NTFS-formatted RAID-0 or RAID-5 configurations. It supports both, hardware RAIDs managed by the mother board or a controller card, and software RAIDs managed by Windows (dynamic disk arrays). Remove the drives from the RAID controller and attach them locally to your machine. Make sure the drives are all recognized by Windows Disk Management. If you are trying to recover a RAID-5, it is Ok to attach one drive less than the total number of drives in that RAID.

Wise Recover Disk Partition also works with images of your drives. Install Wise Recover Disk Partition to your computer and start the program. In Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8 you need to right-click the program icon and select "Run as Administrator". A wizard will guide you through the recovery. A couple of minutes later, an Explorer-like window will show all recoverable files and folders. Now you can copy your files over to another disk. You can also view many file types before copying them, e.g. pictures, documents, etc.

Wise Recover Disk Partition is easy to use. It automatically finds all parameters needed for the recovery, such as RAID start sector, stripe size, rotation, and drive order. Everybody is now able to recover his own RAID. Wise Recover Disk Partition has a lot of additional features: A file viewer, which allows you to see the content of almost any file. No data recovery background required. No need to buy any other software. It supports many kinds of RAIDs: NTFS-formatted RAID-0 and RAID-5 controlled by the motherboard or a RAID controller card (hardware RAID), NTFS-formatted RAID-0 and RAID-5 administered by Windows (Windows software RAID).


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* Wise Recover Disk Partition will recover all type of data from your disk.